Easing your Finance Team for Audit 

A successful audit is essential for preserving investors’ confidence, mitigating risk, and increasing the value of your business. Audits are an unavoidable part of doing business whether mandated by regulatory agencies, financial institutions, or your stakeholders. Without a strategic audit preparation plan, things can easily go awry.

However, preparing for an audit can be overwhelming and time-consuming for your finance team. Our team provides audit support services that satisfy audit requirements. We know what auditors are looking for and understand the relevant standards. By handling all of these services, your finance team can focus on their financial and accounting operation work.

audit support services 1

Our Services 

  • Preparation of mock financial statements
  • Preparation of consolidation statements
  • Account reconciliation
  • Preparation of audit lead schedules

With more than 30 years’ of experience in servicing the accounting and financial needs of businesses, we are equipped with the expertise needed to help clients resolve challenges of varying complexities – locally and beyond Singapore.

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