Challenges of the CIO

Aug 28 2019

The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has evolved along with changes in how businesses regard IT. In today's uncertain times, every department in an organisation needs to be lean and trim, with no room for wastage. With the challenge to stay competitive, CIOs today face mounting pressure to manage IT costs while increasing productivity to peak levels.

The lightning pace of IT development

IT developments are taking place at break-neck speed. Demands for newer, quicker and more innovative ways to conduct business have driven the pace with which information and digital needs are delivered. This has resulted in new IT capabilities appearing on the market at an incredible pace.

The typical CIO has to juggle between the business needs of the organisation and the current capabilities on hand. The prime consideration is whether existing IT systems are able to cope with or enable the business changes the organisation wishes to implement. What changes to the existing IT infrastructure are needed if the company decides to forge ahead with new business developments? Upgrading an organisation's IT capabilities can be extremely expensive. However, will sticking to an older system with limited functions cost the organisation more in terms of missed opportunities in the long run? These are just some of the issues facing the CIOs today.

Keep updated of current technology with outsourcing

The multitude of IT solutions and products offered in the market today offers a wide array of choices. Companies who decide to outsource their IT needs find that they gain a more manageable way to meet their requirements. Once understanding of business needs have been established, the IT vendor will be able to short-list and recommend the applications and technologies that are most suited to the new business activities the organisation is undertaking. This eliminates much guesswork, and saves the company the headache of having to sift through and evaluate products that are touted as the perfect solution.

With a reliable IT partner, organisations can easily keep abreast of current technology and receive timely alerts and updates on IT developments that are relevant to their business goals & objectives.

Increase productivity with outsourcing

Companies who outsource their IT functions also realize improvements in productivity. By off-loading IT administrative duties, an organisation can retain resources and divert them to necessary strategic roles, concentrating on achieving a better business outcome.

Hiring an expert IT vendor ensures smooth running of an organisation's IT systems. Maintenance, updates and other disruptions are all handled behind the scenes, allowing core business activities.

Manage IT costs with outsourcing

Some businesses experience fluctuating IT needs due to the nature of the business cycle. When this arises, companies face the dilemma of adding expensive capacity which is only utilized during peak periods, or sticking to existing capabilities at the risk of losing potential business. An IT vendor can help to circumvent the situation by offering IT solutions on an as-needed basis. This is a superior solution that allows the company to gain the needed IT expertise, on demand and without expensive overheads.


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