Latest Statutory Updates

Nov 29 2021

Latest Statutory Updates

Year 2024
15SGMay2024Navigating Flexible Work Arrangements: A Guide to Inclusive Workplaces
13SGMar2024Mastering Payroll and HR Solutions with PayrollServe: A Guide for Financial Institutions
24SGFeb2024Can Dependant Pass (DP) Holders Work in Singapore? A Guide to Work Permits
Year 2023
16  SG May 2023 Upcoming Changes to Employment Pass Eligibility: Understanding the New Requirements
22 SG  Feb 2023Singapore Budget 2023 Highlights
06 MY  Jan 2023 Statutory Updates on New Amendments to the First Schedule of Malaysia's Employment Act 1995
Year 2022
27 SG  Dec2022  New Scheme for Companies to hire more S Pass and Work Permit Holders
20 SG  Sep 2022 What You Need to Know About the Existing Tech.Pass
19 SG  Sep 2022 New Work Pass for Top Talent in All Sectors from 2023
24 SG  Aug 2022 Statutory Update of Work Pass (Effective 1 Sept 2022)
19 SG  Aug 2022 Update on Progressive Wage Model for Retail Workers
31 SG  Mar 2022 Job Growth Incentives Scheme
16 CN  Mar 2022 Hong Kong's Employment Ordinance
08 SG  Mar 2022 MOM Announces points based assessment framework for EP candidates
 Year 2021
26 MY  Nov 2021 PayrollServe Malaysia - Statutory Updates under Malaysia Budget 2022
09 SG  Nov 2021 Amendments to the Retirement and Re-Employment Bill 2021
27 SG  Oct 2021 Extension of Enhanced JSS -  25 Oct 2021 to 21 Nov 2021
05 SG  Oct 2021 Extension of Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI) Scheme to March 2022
27 SG Sep 2021 Adjustments for Enhanced JSS - 27 Sep 2021 to 24 Oct 2021
20 SG  Sep 2021 Extension Of Foreign Worker Levy Waiver
10 SG  Sep 2021 National Day Rally 2021, Progressive Wage Model Updates
03 SG  Aug 2021 New Enhanced JSS - 22 Jul 2021 to 31 Aug 2021
14 SG  Jun 2021 Increase in CPF Contribution Rates from 1 January 2022
01 SG  Apr 2021 Levies Of Foreign Workers Who Served Stay-Home Notice Waived
30 MY  Mar 2021 PayrollServe Malaysia - Tax Rate Changes 2021
Year 2020 
04 MY  Dec2020PayrollServe Malaysia - Statutory rate for employee’s Employees Provident Fund (EPF) share of contribution to be reduced to 9% for 2021
11 SG  Sept2020CPF Submissions using Hardcopy Forms for E-registered Employers to Cease from 2021
26SG Aug 2020 Changes in EP and S Pass Salary Criteria
 24MY Aug 2020 PayrollServe Malaysia - Latest Statutory Development
18SGAug2020JSS to Extend to March 2021
13SGAug2020Foreign Worker Levy Waiver and Rebate Extended for Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process Sectors
02SGMar2020Budget 2020 – HR & Payroll-centric Updates
20SGFeb2020MOM assistance for businesses regarding COVID-19
Year 2019
19SGAug2019National Day Rally 2019 Highlights - Changes Will Affect Payroll
22SGApr2019Singapore Public Holidays for 2020
01SGApr2019New Tripartite Guidelines on What Constitutes Wrongful Dismissal Developed by MOM, NTUC and SNEF
01SGJan2019Key Changes to Employment Act (with effect from 1 April 2019)
01SGJan2019Work Pass Administrative Fees Adjustments (with effect from 1 April 2019)
01SGJan2019New Vaccination Requirement for Foreign-born Children Applying for Dependant's Pass or Long Term Visit Pass (with effect from 1 February 2019)
01SGJan2019S Pass Salary Criteria (with effect from 1 January 2019)
Year 2018
05SGMar2018Employment Act to Cover Professionals, Managers and Executives Earning More Than $4,500
05SGMar2018Rules for Hiring Foreigners to Be Tightened
05SGMar2018500 Companies Listed on The Fair Consideration Framework Watchlist

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