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Agency Registration No. : 06C5809
Address: 8 Wilkie Road, #03-08 Wilkie Edge Singapore 228095
T    +65 6533 7600
F    +65 6594 7999
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Yang Li Lian, Partner, Accounting & Staffing Services
EA Personnel Registration No.: R1102239
T    +65 6594 7897
E    YangLiLian@StoneForest.com.sg

Tan Sock Huan, Director
EA Personnel Registration No.: R1768388
T    +65 6594 7947
E    TanSockHuan@StoneForest.com.sg

Fionn Shoo, Director
EA Personnel Registration No.: R1877606
T    +65 6594 7946
E    FionnShooPY@StoneForest.com.sg


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