A seal is integral to the administration of a company and the key to legally authorise documents in China. Due to a multitude of actions that a company must take, many types of seal exist, such as company seal, financial seal, legal representative seal, contract seal and invoice seal; each carrying certain specific powers used for a specific situation or for a particular action.

The significant power entrusted to the seal presents a unique risk that companies operating in China must address.

Do you face these issues in China?

Use of Seals in China

How can you be sure that:

  • Policies and procedures are complied with?
  • Approved requests for usage of seals result in corresponding effected contracts?
  • Seals have not been misused? Or used for unauthorised transactions?
  • All seals in circulation are completely accounted for?
  • All seals are authentic and complied with local regulatory requirements?
  • All contracts entered into using the seals are captured completely in a database?
Given the multitude of risks that can potentially arise from the use of seals, businesses must take measures to mitigate the risks of using seals in China. According to the nature and severity of each case, an individual who counterfeits a company seal is subject to penalties or treated as a criminal offence.  

A Cloud-based Seal Management Solution — C3

Based upon the 3CsCustodian, Compliance, and Certification, ‘C3’ is a comprehensive and proprietary cloud-based solution developed by SBA Stone Forest to help businesses build a robust system of internal control, mitigate business risks, and ensure corporate compliance with ease.

Developed by our team of accountants and in-house legal officers, C3 allows business owners and HQ controllers to authorise, track, and review business activities in China anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy peace of mind over seal usage with quick answers to the following:


Transform and adapt to the post-COVID-19 World

In response to the post-COVID-19 world, the Chinese government and businesses have also started to set up online administrative systems. C3 assists foreign investors to safeguard their integral company assets online as they focus their effort to generate revenue and thrive in their business.

C3 Benefits


How C3 Works?

C3 Benefits


Please contact Janet Zhang at +86 21 6186 7652 or janetzhang@SBASF.com for more information, or a complimentary C3 demonstration base on your operational needs in China.

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