Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Ease

China’s employment environment is complex as different local regulations are required to be in line with national laws. With our strong knowledge of local and national legislation and adoption of international best practices, we help foreign entities in China, especially new start-ups, to enhance their productivity and ensure regulatory compliance with ease.

Global Payroll Outsourcing

  • Payroll calculation
  • Individual income tax calculation / filing
  • Payroll disbursement
  • Payroll reports
  • Individual e-payslips for employees with APP
  • Employee commercial medical benefits
  • Employee care & other benefits

Human Resource Support Services

  • Post-incorporation social security registration
  • Social security & public housing fund calculation / filing
  • Annual social benefits base adjustment report
  • Monthly & annual social benefits submission
  • Hiring / resignation registration
  • Non-domestic residency & Hukou registration consultation
  • Consultation for non-domestic residency & Hukou registration Statistical bureau report

Human Resource Advisory Services

  • HR health check
  • HR-related templates / letters
  • Labour contract drafting / reviewing
  • Employee handbook
  • Leave policy drafting / reviewing
  • Employee background check
  • Salary survey / benchmarking
  • Labour dispute resolution
  • Credit reference check
  • Exit interview
  • HR / admin support
  • Training (Staff orientation / HR policies & procedures)

Services for Expatriates in China

China’s unique set of regulations, culture and language as well as varied local customs intimidates expatriates who are settling into this culturally rich nation for work.

Whether you are a foreigner who is about to make China your second home, or an expatriate already steeped in its ways, SBA Stone Forest’s range of Expatriate Services seeks to help eliminate the hassle of getting your permits and papers in order as well as provide a familiar face that you can turn to for questions. We also take care of all health and medical matters for clients, whether it is the simple arrangement for a medical check-up or recommendation of a healthcare and medical insurance plan that best suits your needs.

Let us handle the paperwork, while you focus on immersing yourself in the people, culture, and warmth that China offers.

  • Organisation of medical examination
  • Application for foreigner’s employment approval certificate & foreigner’s employment permit
  • Application for foreigner’s residence permit & work visa
  • Application for relevant permits for family members
  • Application for other necessary certificates & permits
  • Business visa
  • Recommendation of worldwide healthcare & medical insurance
  • Individual income tax preparation & submission
  • Training (orientation / language / local culture & customs)

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