Driving your business growth globally through our international network 


With growth opportunities abound in the global markets, China-based companies are increasingly looking overseas for greater business growth potential. The “Going Global” concept is driving many Chinese companies’ overseas expansion plans to tap international markets for introducing products/services, building market share and acquiring new technologies.

Going overseas entails more risks in various financial, execution, credit, compliance and reputational aspects. Understanding these risks of new market entry and being compliant to the local laws and regulations are necessary in navigating the local environment to avoid pitfalls. Understanding the local culture and business practices and adapting quickly to operate in an unfamiliar regulatory environment are building blocks for ensuring a successful overseas expansion journey. As a member of Allinial Global, an accounting association of legally independent firms and the winner of Association of the Year 2018, we are well-positioned to help you grow your business globally. Our extensive experience in the overseas investment environment, in-depth knowledge of China outbound policies and global network can help you to maximise overseas growth opportunities and minimise risks abroad. Our global expansion advisory service is a one-stop solution of Business Advisory, Capital Budget and Corporate Finance, Accounting & Advisory, Tax Advisory and HR Advisory services. 

Our China Outbound Advisory services include:

Ø  Business Advisory

Overseas Direct Investment (ODI):
-       Pre-Assessment & Investment Plan Advisory
-       Feasibility Study Report Drafting
-       One-Stop ODI Application Service
-       Fundraising
-       Transaction Support (financial and tax due diligence, valuation, etc.)
-       Overseas Market Research

ü  Market entry
ü  Business environment
ü  Laws & regulations
ü  Industry analysis

-       Due Diligence

ü  Contract & documents review
ü  Risk assessment
ü  Supply chain due diligence
ü  Financial due diligence
ü  Legal due diligence

-       Mergers & Acquisitions

ü  Approaching target client
ü  Supporting negotiations
ü  Deal structure optimisation
ü  Advisory
ü  Project assessment
ü  Strategic planning
ü  Financial due diligence & valuation adjustment

-       Overseas Entity Incorporation & Registration

ü  Entity incorporation
ü  Corporate secretary
ü  Advisory

Ø  Capital Budget & Corporate Finance

-       Overseas fundraising through:

ü  IPO
ü  Private equity fund
ü  Debt restructuring
ü  Working capital management

-       Search for strategic partners based on:

ü  Technology
ü  Location

Ø  Accounting & Advisory – One-stop Service 

Overseas investment financial compliance services cover:

-       Analysis on the host country foreign exchange control policy
-       Conversion of host country accounting standards
-       Accounting & financial reporting service support for overseas subsidiaries
-       Integrating the financial closing process of overseas subsidiaries
-       Financial control of overseas subsidiaries by Chinese companies
-       Assisting management in analysing complex financial transaction arrangements, major accounting & financial reporting issues
-       Assisting management in preparing consolidated or formal financial statements to meet regulatory requirements
-       Providing training for financial personnel on accounting standards differences & conversion & consolidated financial statements
-   Adjusting the customs clearance process & financial system of new overseas companies to align with their parent companies

Ø  HR Advisory – One-stop Service
HR Advisory service covers:

-       Salary distribution
-       Revisions of employment documents
-       Dual employment contracts
-       Employment legal consultation
-       Country-based employment guide
-       Specialised legal training
-       Overseas employment compliance

ü  Cross-border recruitment of dispatched talents
ü  Cross-border assignment visa processing
ü  Overseas compensation & benefits agency
ü  Overseas compensation & benefits tax treatment
ü  Global cross-cultural training
ü  Personal income tax of employees seconded from HQ to outside China

Ø  Tax Advisory
Tax Advisory service covers:

-       Cross-border tax planning & structuring
-       Transfer pricing master file preparation
-       Transfer pricing planning & advisory
-       Assistance with obtaining Certificate of China Residency, if the overseas subsidiary hopes to apply for preferential tax rate when repatriating dividend
-       Translation from Chinese to English upon the requirement of the overseas government
-       Tax health check & tax due diligence
-       Tax structure build up & advisory