Applying for approvals from various authorities is common in China. Navigating China’s complex business and regulatory environment to submit the applications to the right channels is an extremely tedious process that the enlightened businessman would rather leave to the experts. We can help you ensure that your application papers are complete, accurate and promptly submitted to minimise delays in the approval process.
We also have a Client Record Management System to ensure the protection and custody of administrative records and stamps as required by the Chinese Administration.

Our corporate secretarial services adopt the best practices and offer the following:

  • Establishment of business entity in China
  • Health check & maintenance of company statutory records & registers
  • Company search
  • Retainer secretarial advisory services
  • Reminder and renewal of certificates that are expiring
  • Statutory filing & inspection
  • Safekeeping & maintenance of company seals, stamps, certificates and licences
  • Administration of corporate meetings
  • Liquidation & de-registration of business entity
  • Updates of corporate-related laws & regulations
  • Licensed translation services

For uninitiated foreign investors, setting up in China can be a daunting task requiring elaborate approval and registration procedures, which can be compounded by differing provincial rules and practices.

We help businesses from any part of the world establish operations in China with great speed and ease. Whether it is to set up an investment vehicle or a business entity, or to select the location to establish your operations, we will review your current investments and future business plans to help you determine the most appropriate set-up for your business in China. Due consideration will also be given to any local incentives or policies that are in your favour.

Our one-stop services cover the establishment of the following types of entities:

  • Wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE)
  • Equity joint venture (EJV)
  • Cooperative joint venture (CJV)
  • Representative office (RO)

As China integrates with the world economy, there is an increasing emphasis on the importance of corporate compliance. However, keeping up with frequent regulatory changes can prove daunting for businesses. New businesses are often overwhelmed as they navigate the complicated bureaucratic web that is compounded by local practices across different regions.

Our teams of experienced and bilingual staff are well versed in China investment regulations and compliance issues. Our value-add is speed, peace-of-mind and advisory. Foreign businesses particularly value our effort in translating and interpreting the implications of new regulations on their operations.

Our Corporate Advisory services include:

  • Investment environment, market analysis & preferential policy
  • Structuring of business ventures
  • Corporate governance & compliance
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Intellectual property rights advisory
  • Litigation support

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