A company secretary plays an important role in a company as they help to:

  • Provide business support
  • Provide corporate advisory services
  • Support directors and shareholders in managing the firm’s activities, regulatory processes, and instituting internal corporate governance.

Given our extensive knowledge on regulatory compliance and corporate governance, CorpServe is experienced in:


Handling administrative and regulatory obligations.


Providing corporate advisory services.

Business Support

Supporting directors in developing business strategies, executing corporate transactions, and facilitating effective and efficient decision making.

Corporate Advisory Services and Transactional Support Solutions



Corporate Health Checks

Due diligence is commonly assisted by company lawyers during an acquisition or sale of a company to ensure that statutory records and constitutional documents of the target company are in order.

Rectification of records can be costly and cumbersome. They can lead to possible delays or risks of losing a potential deal. At CorpServe, we have the expertise to advise and assist in conducting a health check on your statutory records and constitutional documents or those of the target company. We can assist you by preparing and managing data rooms for due diligence purposes, and ensuring your records are in compliance with Singapore’s law.


Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructuring can be driven by business needs, such as changes in organisational structure or business model. This is done to enhance the company’s performance and maintain business sustainability, be it for financial or non-financial reasons.

These processes and necessary actions (for a corporate exercise) can be complex and overwhelming, causing business owners to lose sight of certain critical considerations. Our team of skilled professionals are here to advise, implement, and manage the following complex corporate transactions for you:

  • Share capital reduction
  • Capital Injections
  • Share buy-back
  • Various fund-raising exercises, such as debt financing or equity financing schemes
  • Sales and divestments
  • IPO restructuring


Complex Share-based Structures

As businesses grow, owners may wish to create different types of equity schemes such as share options, convertible notes, bonds, warrants or issue shares of different rights to investors.

We are able to advise, implement, and manage share-based structures for your firm:

  • Employee Share Options Scheme Management
  • Creation and management of different classes of shares


Corporate Governance Matters

Under the Companies Act 1967, it is the duty of officers of a company to take all reasonable steps to ensure they have the requisite knowledge and experience to discharge duties of their office - fiduciary duties, skills, and diligence.

We are able to navigate and guide you through compliance with relevant laws and regulations, such as:

  • Companies Act
  • SGX Listing Manual
  • Code of Corporate Governance

These will ensure that good governance practices and best practices are instituted within the Board, and between the Board and shareholders.


Shareholders Management Strategy

It is important to have an effective shareholder management strategy in place. Shareholders are the key people who express interest in the company’s business or its activities.

We can assist you in identifying and documenting the approach to take to increase support and reduce the negative impact on your shareholders throughout your company’s lifespan. We can also assist you in managing shareholder meetings, circulating meeting materials, and other relevant corporate services.

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