The starting point in doing business in Singapore is usually to decide on the type of entity that best suits the needs of the owners.

What we offer

At CorpServe, we want to help you set up your business on the right footing.

We provide a comprehensive range of end-to-end services related to business formation -- from advising on the type of entity to be established to the eventual successful registration of the business.

We will guide and advise you in the following aspects:

(i)     Type of entity to be set up based on the nature of your business and other key considerations

(ii)     Prepare the necessary documents and obtain approval needed to complete the incorporation process smoothly

(iii)     Look into your post-incorporation needs such as opening your corporate bank account with your  preferred bank, application of licences where required, and take care of your compliance and advisory needs.

(iv)     Guide you on the best practices in various critical core functions from accounting, finance to compliance, so that your business stays agile, and you can make decisions faster. 

We will walk you through the below key considerations and advise what works best for your business with a hassle-free single point of contact for your business incorporation.

What do I need to start a company? 


What do I need to start a company

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