Incorporation in Singapore need not be complex. The starting point of setting up a company in Singapore is deciding on the appropriate type of entity that best suits the needs of your business.

At CorpServe, we are dedicated to helping you set up your business on the right track. We provide Singapore and foreign investors with seamless and comprehensive solutions, offering professionalism, convenience, and peace of mind when setting up a company in Singapore.

incorporation in Singapore

What we offer?

We provide a comprehensive range of end-to-end services for your business with a hassle-free single point of contact for your business incorporation.

Our business formation services range from advising on the appropriate type of entity to be established to the successful registration of the business. 

We will guide and advise you in the following aspects:

(i)     Type of entity

When setting up a company in Singapore, we can assist you in identifying the appropriate type of entity to be set up. This is based on the nature of your business and other key considerations. Learn more about the type of business entities here.

(ii)     Preparation of documents

We assist you in preparing the necessary documents for your business incorporation and obtaining approval needed for a smooth incorporation process.

(iii)    Post-incorporation needs

    When setting up a company in Singapore, it is important to look into other needs such as-

      • Opening your corporate bank account with your preferred bank
      • Application of licences where required
      • Compliance and advisory needs

    (iv)     Follow best practices

    We are here to guide you on the best practices in various core business functions such as accounting, finance and compliance, so that your business stays agile, and you can make decisions efficiently.

    We will guide you through the key considerations below and advise on what is suitable for your business. With a hassle-free single point of contact, you can rest assured of a seamless process for your business incorporation.

    Key things to know when setting up a company in Singapore


    Determine the company type

    Determine the company type

    Choose the type of company structure you want to adopt.
    *Learn more about "Type of Entities". 


    Choose a company name

    The first step is to choose a suitable name for your company. Once the name application is approved, you can proceed to incorporate the company.

    Determine the type of business activities

    Determine the type of business activities

    You may register up to two business activities. Some type of business activities will require certain licenses or permits.
    For example, Food and Beverage (F&B) and Financial Services.


    Appoint director(s), company secretary, and other key personnel

    You need to have at least one (1) Director and one (1) Secretary who are local residents.
    We are able to procure nominee services where required.

    Initial capital and shareholders

    Initial capital and shareholders

    You must register at least one (1) Shareholder as the first subscriber to the Company.
    The Shareholder (either an individual or corporate) must hold at least one share with a nominal value.

    Registered office

    Registered office

    You need to have a locally registered office address. A "registered office address" refers to the place where all communications and notices to the company are addressed to, and the place where the company's register and records are kept.

    Decide on the financial year-end

    Decide on the financial year-end

    You must decide on the first financial year-end and the accounting period of your new company.
    This will determine the deadlines for your corporate filings. Common choices among companies include 31st March, 30th June, 30th September or 31st December.

    Have a constitution in place

    Have a constitution in place

    The constitution is a legal document that:

      • Describe the key characteristics of the company
      • Contains the rules and regulations for its governance
      • Describes how its operations will be carried out
      • States the rights and responsibilities of the directors, shareholders, and company secretary.

    We are able to assist you in drafting this document.

    What is next after Incorporation?

    Incorporation is the first step in setting up a company in Singapore. However, what comes after this is equally important.

    CorpServe provides a comprehensive one-stop solution that helps businesses manage the challenges of operational matters quickly and hassle-free. If you intend to incorporate your company in Singapore, feel free to contact us to help you get started on your incorporation journey.

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