Start-ups/ SMEs

So you have incorporated your business and are ready to get started. Most businesses will have to then address operational matters like work passes, staffing, office space and accommodation as well as business licensing. CorpServe provides a convenient one-stop solution that helps businesses tackle the challenging of such operational matters quickly and hassle-free. Here is how we can continue to support you after incorporation.

Non-Singapore residents aspiring to work in Singapore will require work visa before they can legally commence their employment. Companies that hire non-residents without a valid work visa will be in infringement of the local employment laws.

We can support your company with HR Advisory and various work pass applications. Where required, we can also assist you in the application for permanent residency in Singapore. Our work visa specialists are meticulous and up-to-date when it comes to the latest information and regulation changes in the local employment laws.

Learn more about the types of employment passes.  

With an ever-changing business landscape and organisations increasingly focusing on creating value for their employees, in-house involvement in routine and time-consuming activities, such as voluminous candidate screenings and work pass applications, may not be ideal in the long term.

We work with a dedicated team of recruitment specialists, who can give you the assurance that your hiring needs and requirements are well taken care of. Their Recruitment Process/Outsourcing Model covers the full spectrum of recruitment activities from sourcing to on-boarding.


We can help you settle into Singapore easily by assisting you to locate an ideal office and/or residential space. Through our trusted partners, they will be able to provide you with effective and efficient office space solutions and/or residential space suitable for you and your family, making your transition into Singapore as smooth as possible.


Companies carrying on certain types of business would require necessary approval or licences from the relevant Government authorities before they can commence business operation. We can help you in the following areas:

  • Applying for licences
  • Updating of information for existing licences
  • Renewal of licences
  • Terminating existing licences