At CorpServe, we believe in harnessing technology through the use of our cloud-based platform, to take care of our client's basic secretarial needs, while we focus our time and resources on understanding our client's business and providing value-add advisory to the Board and shareholders.  We will guide the Board on the best practices in various critical core functions from accounting, finance to compliance, so that the business stays agile, and they can make decisions faster.

Having in place a set of effective best practices will also ensure that there is a due process of discussion and consideration by the Board in its decision making. This will ensure accountability and foster a clear and transparent communication among Board members and between the Board and its shareholders to avoid unnecessary miscommunications and conflict.

What we offer

As advisors to the Board and shareholders, we can assist you with the planning and execution of your corporate transactions and help your Company to excel at every step of your business journey.

Corporate secretarial & support

Corporate secretarial and
support services

We guide and advise you on compliance with relevant rules and regulations in Singapore to private, public, and listed companies.

Nominee secretary services


We provide nominee secretary services to fulfil the statutory requirement to have a local resident secretary.

Nominee director services


We provide nominee director services to fulfil the statutory requirement to have a local resident director.

Statutory Registers & Minutes Books

Maintenance of Statutory
Registers and Minutes Books

We keep and update your minutes book that contains minutes of all proceedings of general meetings and directors meetings, including resolutions of directors or shareholders passed by written means.

Registered office address


We provide you with our Singapore office address as your registered office address.

Mail Management Service


We offer Mail Management Service which is an add-on service to the Registered Office Address Service. We will open, scan and email your mails to you so that prompt actions can be taken.

Cloud-based platform


This is our proprietary cloud-based platform where you can request for resolutions, download your company’s secretarial records, such as resolutions and ACRA filings, and stay connected with us. 

Legalisation of documents

and Legalisation

Your overseas subsidiaries or branch offices may require documents, licences or certificates of the Head Office for the purpose of their business requirements. We can assist you with the notarisation and legalisation of these documents.

Main point of contact

Global Compliance and

With a group of companies operating in different jurisdictions, we can help lighten your management’s burden by serving as the main point of contact that oversees the complex regulatory and statutory compliance requirements, imposed by the local laws of your overseas subsidiaries.

Provide technical resource


We can provide technical resource to your company on a contract or project basis to assist and support your internal secretarial and compliance function.

Advisory & Transactional Support

Advisory and Transactional
Support Service

- Corporate health checks
- Complex share-based structures
- Loan and capital restructuring
- Corporate governance matters
- Shareholders’ management strategy

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