Expand Your Business Footprint

In an increasingly globalised world, businesses must expand, branch out globally, and keep pace with the dynamic international marketplace. Whether you are considering entering into a new market or looking to expand your business beyond your country, we can help you to start right with your international business expansion.

Start Smart with the Right Help

With over 35 years of experience, our comprehensive suite of business solutions and growth strategies help clients to simplify, digitalise and support their international business expansion journey at every stage of its life cycle and growth.

Our clients are at the top of our priorities and we are committed to make your international business expansion process a meaningful and fulfilling one. Our team of professionals are equipped with the right skills and resources to support your global business expansion.

Start Smart With The Right Help

International Business Expansion Solutions

Expanding your business into new and unknown markets on your own may be daunting and even complicated. Corpserve provides a range of efficient solutions to ease your transition into new markets.

We work closely with professionals on the ground who will ensure you start right, take care of critical functions and comply with local laws wherever you are. We are committed to giving you the peace of mind needed to expand your footprint in the growth engine of the world.

Market Entry and Company Set Up


  • Business advisory
  • Tax-effective shareholding structure
  • Set up companies and structures
  • Business licences and work passes

Global Compliance

Global Compliance and Coordination

  • One dedicated point of contact
  • Minimise risk of non-compliance
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes

Cross-Border Tax Advisory

Cross-Border Tax Advisory

  • Effective tax planning for cross-border investments & transactions
  • Transfer pricing advisory & documentation
  • Structuring of tax effective employment packages

Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

  • Entry strategy
  • Business plan
  • Corporate structures & jurisdictions
  • Financial and tax due diligence
  • Fund raising from private equity market or financial institution

International Business Expansion for SMEs

Singapore companies taking their first steps to internationalise can access the Market Readiness Access (MRA) Grant administered by Enterprise Singapore to fund their internationalisation plans.

The MRA grant helps give SMEs a boost in their business expansion journey by providing SMEs with a support level of up to 50% of eligible costs (capped at $100,000 per company per new market).



Doing Business in ASEAN

Growth opportunities continue to remain abundant as ASEAN countries foster greater economic integration with the ASEAN Economic Community. As a growing number of international businesses continue to strengthen their footprints in the region, it paves the way for greater investment opportunities and partnerships in finance, infrastructure, manufacturing and other industries.

To learn more about business expansion into ASEAN, download your free copy of "Doing Business in ASEAN” today!

This Guidebook serves as a useful reference for business owners and investors seeking to learn more about ASEAN countries, existing regional initiatives, as well as those that are still under negotiations. It aims to empower businesses looking to use Singapore as a springboard to the region and help them land confidently on a firm footing.

We aim to be your partner in your international business expansion, supporting you every step of the way and maximising your potential in the localities you operate in. Contact us and uncover all the opportunities awaiting you today.

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