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Note: PayrollServe is the Payroll and HR Administration Services division of RSM Stone Forest, a leading business services group providing advisory, services and solutions in accountingpayroll/HRITstaffing and corporate secretarial. We work with RSM Singapore, a member of the RSM International network of independent public accounting firms providing assurance, tax and business advisory services. We are required to comply with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority's requirements on Anti-Money Laundering ("AML") and Counter-Terrorism Financing ("CFT"). Thus, this engagement will be subjected to our independence and conflicts clearance, due diligence and background checks in accordance with legal, regulatory and professional requirements, prior to the commencement of any form of work. In the event if there is any independence and conflicts issues, PayrollServe would notify you.


Company Payroll Background Information

Is this an existing entity or newly incorporated?

Is your parent, ultimate parent or any related company listed?

Do your organisation require any documentation for your internal due diligence checks of potential service provider?

Is your legal entity considered a Financial Institution (FI) as regulated by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)?

Is your legal entity a registered as a member of The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS)?

Is the entity a Local SME? i) At least 30% local shareholding (by Singaporean or PR); and ii) Not more than S$100 million group annual sales turnover; or iii) Not more than 200 employees under the group

Is the entity CPF (Central Provident Fund) registered?

Please give a detailed breakdown of local and/or expatriates

Frequency of payroll cycle?


Our Service Offering

A - Payroll Services

Standard Recurring Services

Standard Non-Recurring Services

Add-on Services

B - Other Services

Other scope of services required (TICK if required)

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