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Booking.comTM, one of the world’s leading online accommodation booking services, has been providing business and leisure travellers across the globe with the web’s best deals on places to stay since 1996. With 30 million unique visitors each month searching for accommodation ranging from small, independent hotels to exclusive five-star resorts, Booking.comTM remains a leader in the online booking industry.

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"PayrollServe’s professionalism and customer-centricity are seen by its consistently excellent client service. Its team always has answers to our questions. "

  • (Singapore) Pte Ltd

When Booking.comTM first began operations in Singapore in October 2007, one of its first priorities was to establish a payroll system for its employees. However, as it did not have an in-depth understanding of Singapore’s labour laws, it searched for a partner that was not only professional, timely and reliable, but also very attentive to the latest legal compliance matters.

The quest for a partner ended with PayrollServe, whose service was beyond expectations. It proved to be not just another service provider, but very much part of the team.

“Our relationship with the PayrollServe team is excellent because they know our business, they know how we like to do things and they keep us informed on labour laws and chase us on deadlines,” Kuczynska said. “They are always on top of things, and best of all, they explain why they need information from us, which makes us more knowledgeable as a company.”

This close relationship is based on Booking.comTM ’s high level of satisfaction with PayrollServe’s service standard since the start of the partnership in 2007. By engaging PayrollServe, Booking.comTM was able to focus on establishing a presence in Singapore as a leader in online accommodation booking. With peace of mind in knowing its payroll needs are managed by a trusted, knowledgeable and service-oriented partner, Booking.comTM highly recommends PayrollServe to any company seeking professional payroll services.