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Chicken Hotpot (S) Pte Ltd (Chicken Hotpot) first brought Shanghai’s special chicken hotpot to Singapore in 2008, much to the delight of local food enthusiasts. The business today runs successful outlets at the Bedok Point, NEX and Square 2 shopping malls.

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"PayDay! HRMS not only allowed us to focus on more meaningful activities, but also gave us peace of mind over payroll compliance. "

  • Doris Siow
  • Director, Chicken Hotpot (S) Pte Ltd


A major concern for Chicken Hotpot was the efficient management of payroll information and staff records to ensure that staff members were paid on time and that their rewards and compensations were accurately tracked. When the business began, records were kept on Microsoft Excel. However, as the business grew and staff numbers increased, this manual system became too tedious for Director Doris Siow to manage. In addition, the risk of calculation errors was high. Calculations of CPF contributions became mentally exhausting for her as changes in staff details and working hours resulted in the need to recalculate CPF contribution amounts – it was a highly manual and time-consuming affair. Doris recognised that a solution had to be found and the answer came in the form of PayDay! HRMS.



After implementation, the difference on payday was significant. Once the one-time task of entering staff details into the system was complete, payroll became a simple, quick and painless operation each month. Not only were CPF contributions calculated automatically, but Doris also found that she could upload salary details to the bank to have salaries credited to staff accounts directly. “No more manual calculations and endless double checking, and no more issuing of manual cheques to each and every member of staff,” Doris said.

The time it took Doris to run payroll each month was reduced by 20 per cent and PayDay! HRMS indirectly solved 90 per cent of the company’s payroll management issues. The difference did not go unnoticed by other payroll staff members too. Without the need for trips to the bank each month to make deposits, they appreciated the time saved and the easy access to instantly cleared funds. On top of that, employees also received an itemised payslip that came complete with their salary and CPF contribution details.

Appreciative of how PayDay! HRMS has simplified HR management for Chicken Hotpot, Doris said she would not hesitate to recommend the solution to any company, adding that PayrollServe’s customer support had been great during the few occasions when it was needed.