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Established in 2006 to provide Chinese translation services, Elite Translations Asia Pte Ltd (Elite) provides top-quality translation and interpretation services in a variety of languages today, including Thai, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Korean, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia and Khmer, for clients across different industries.

Client Testimonial

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"I highly recommend PayDay! HRMS because it is user-friendly and has greatly simplified HR management for us. "

  • Lim Rui Ying
  • Operations Executive, Elite Translations Asia Pte Ltd


Efficient HR management is an essential part of running a business successfully. Elite’s commitment to excellence meant that the company needed a way to achieve this easily. However, as the company grew and HR data management became more complex, its existing method of managing HR records manually with Excel spreadsheets proved to be a hindrance to this objective. This, coupled with the fact that the manual system presented a significant risk of payroll calculation errors, meant that Elite urgently needed a solution.



With PayDay! HRMS, Elite solved its HR management issues overnight. The company now has access to a payroll system that enables complete and automatic compliance with the latest CPF and tax regulations. As the solution allowed Elite’s HR team to run payroll in three simple steps each month, the company saved much payroll processing time and increased its productivity.

In addition, Elite was better able to manage all staff records with ease. The team could retrieve reports on manpower and employee details instantly, rather than waste time searching manually through paper records or soft copy files. The user-friendly interface of PayDay! HRMS also made HR data management a breeze for the HR team.