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Hill+Knowlton Strategies has been offering senior counsel, insightful research and strategic communications planning for more than 80 years. Its clients include 46 of Interbrand’s 2010 Top 100 Global Brands and 50 per cent of Fortune 500 companies.

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"Accuracy was the most important concern. With PayrollServe handling the payroll, my time is better spent engaged in more strategic planning for the company. "

  • Hill+Knowlton Strategies

When Hill+Knowlton Strategies started sourcing for a service provider to manage its payroll services, the requirements were pretty clear: reliability, confidentiality and, above all, accuracy. The service provider would also be expected to demonstrate good knowledge and be up-to-date with the latest regulations.

PayrollServe took over the management of Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ payroll function, including time and project management to ensure that data was supplied on time, keyed in accurately and signed off according to schedule and approval.

“In a normal month when there aren’t many changes in salary amounts, it takes me less than an hour to go through the work processed by PayrollServe,” said Veronica Tan, Director Human Resources (Southeast Asia). “That means my time is better used elsewhere in the business.”

By outsourcing its payroll processing to PayrollServe, Hill+Knowlton Strategies is able to achieve time and cost savings, and a hassle-free experience, knowing its payroll management is in safe and trusted hands.