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As a global pharmaceutical giant, Lundbeck is highly committed to improving the quality of life of people suffering from brain diseases. The company produces a range of pharmaceuticals for disorders such as depression, anxiety, epilepsy, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Client Testimonial


"PayrollServe’s Payroll Outsourcing services have proven to be reliable, professional and reasonable in all aspects, from the services to the fees. "

  • Jenica Lam
  • HR and Admin Manager, Lundbeck Singapore Pte Ltd


With a staff strength of 54 employees, the management at Lundbeck knew it needed an effective way to run its payroll processes and so engaged its local distributor. However, the local distributor was unable to adequately meet Lundbeck’s payroll needs as it did not offer a one-stop solution. Given the circumstances, Lundbeck recognised that an alternative solution had to be found, and that was when it discovered PayrollServe’s Payroll Outsourcing services.


With PayrollServe’s Payroll Outsourcing services, Lundbeck was able to solve its payroll problems. With a professional team managing its payroll processes, the company was able to reduce the amount of time spent on monotonous, routine jobs, freeing up its staff for more productive tasks. All Lundbeck had to do was update an Excel sheet on a monthly basis and send it to PayrollServe, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency. “PayrollServe takes care of every single aspect of our payroll processes including the CPF contributions for our staff,” said HR and Admin Manager Jenica Lam. “Even the payslips are electronically generated so our staff can easily access them at their convenience.”

With such effective management, the company no longer needed extra personnel to handle its payroll, allowing Lundbeck to bring down its manpower costs. The Finance and HR teams were also able to work together more efficiently.

But what truly impressed Lundbeck was the professionalism of PayrollServe’s staff. “The team from PayrollServe has been very helpful and responsive to our needs,” Jenica said. “With their excellent service and level of dedication, we have no worries about staying compliant and have peace of mind in knowing that support is just a phone call away.” Given the positive experience, Jenica said that she would definitely recommend the service to any company.