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With over 25 years of experience in providing supply chain management consulting, mSE Solutions Group (mSE) has established itself as a major solutions provider, operating out of offices in Munich, Luebeck, Pittsburgh and Singapore to cater to the needs of its international clientele.

Client Testimonial

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"PayrollServe’s services greatly enhanced our productivity and gave us the added assurance of prompt and full compliance with CPF and IRAS matters at all times. "

  • Dr. Sluma
  • Executive Director, mSE Solutions Group


When mSE opened its office in Singapore, it started the payroll process in-house, selfadministered with a PC-based standard software. This was a time-consuming, tedious and error-prone process. However, also with a growing number of employees, it still had to ensure that CPF contributions and IRAS documentation, such as the IR21 form (Tax Clearance for Foreign and SPR Employees) or IR8A, were efficiently and accurately submitted. In response, mSE sought a time-saving and flawless solution to improve productivity and stay compliant with legislative requirements easily.



After engaging PayrollServe’s payroll outsourcing services, mSE immediately realised several benefits. The time that the company had to spend managing its payroll processes was reduced significantly by 90 per cent each month. In addition, it had the assurance that all CPF and IRAS matters would be promptly and efficiently dealt with. As a result of these benefits, mSE was able to focus its attention on other aspects of the business to enhance productivity.

PayrollServe’s excellent customer support was an added bonus, with its dedicated team always available to help with any issues mSE may have when preparing its payroll and HR records for processing.

In fact, mSE was so impressed with PayrollServe’s services that it also outsourced the payroll processes at Ho Kairos Pte Ltd — a consultancy for start-ups in different industries — to PayrollServe.

Dr Sluma, Executive Director of mSE Solutions Group, noted that besides ensuring accuracy and compliance of HR records, PayrollServe also allowed the group to improve productivity significantly and reduce operational costs.