Managed Webinar for AGM / EGM / Creditors' Meeting / Member Election 


Virtual and hybrid annual meetings  for shareholders and members are increasing in popularity and a growing numbers of SGX listed companies and registered societies are adopting this online method of investor communications. However, making this digital transformation after years of traditional annual meetings involves a change of mindset and a number of changes. That's where we come in to ensure professional preparation and smooth execution to elevate your virtual meeting experience while complying with industry best practices.

Digital AGM made easy 

Quick and hassle-free IT support to simplify your entire digital AGM process from pre- to post- webinar.


Pre agm 


  • Setup & configuration of web-based solution
  • Secure registration portal
  • Rehearsal session


agm day 

 AGM Day

  • Live AGM broadcast 
  • Onsite & remote technical assistance
  • Live Q&A platform
  • Equipment loan & setup

post agm


  • Detailed reports for audit checks
  • Data exports for filing of documents

Need help getting started?



At RSM Stone Forest IT, we understand your practical difficulties and are able to quickly advise, set-up and support your best-fit webcast technology solution. Our cost-effective and robust solution also takes into the account the need for a secure registration portal and for your members to ask questions live. We have the expertise to ensure all your technical needs are taken care off so you can confidently focus on addressing your shareholders and members.


Live AGM broadcast 
  • High resolution live video and audio streaming of AGM
  • Supports multiple channels - PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device 
  • Option of live audio-only stream with toll-free call in numbers to cater to your less technology-enabled members  

Multiple hosting locations 
  • Securely allow your presenters to broadcast remotely from multiple locations  

Registration portal
  • Customizable online registration portal that allows you to add your event banner, company logo and tailor messages for your members 
  • Option to manually or automatically approve incoming registrations
  • Automated confirmation and reminder emails

Secure AGM webinar access
  • Unique login passwords for each attendee
  • Waiting room for attendees
  • Data encryption and access controls
  • Audit trail of presenters and attendees on actual day 

Live Q&A capability and basic voting capabilities 


Dedicated remote and onsite technical support on rehearsal and actual day  

Businesses that have entrusted their virtual AGMs to us

Asia Enterprise Holdings Limited
BH Global


Kencana Agri Limited

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